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7 Amazing Benefits of Metal Bending Machine

7 Amazing Benefits of Metal Bending Machine

  1. Time saving: Bending the metal by hand or outsourcing it is not a good idea since it will definitely make the business lose money as well as time (and both of which are very precious commodities in today’s fast pace world) as it will take a lot of time and man force to bend the metal by handbecause of which no one was able to make many customers as everyone is occupied in completing the work taken from the existing customers. So, the good option in this case is to buy a metal bending machine. If the companies start buying metal bending machine for bendingmetals, then time will not be wasted as it takes a lot of time to bend metal by hand. So, buying metal bending machine will enable the company to process more orders in less time which will anyhow helps inincreasing the revenue of the company. In case of metal bending machine, you just have to do the machine setup, installation and a short training for using the machine after that you can directly start using the metal bending machine.

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  1. Efficient and high precision: It is a computer-controlled equipment that is highly efficient. This type of machine has high precision.Metal bending machine makes use of high precision ball screws and linear guides which endures that the machine is highly efficient and provide high precision. One of the main advantage of these machines is fact that even when used at maximum capacity they have high precision and allows for rapid production as well. Bending machines also make it possible for companies to create some set of standards for their products because this way they can manage the quality of the processed metal. Once the companies can gauge the metal bending process themselves, they can ensure consistent results.This machine is capable of executing several actions other actions like, it can also be used as a busbar bending machine, busbar cutting machine, busbar punching machine.


  1. Accurate and easy to use: These machines are very accurate and easy to useand do not require any special skills to use either. Employee may require training session for one day and after that they can start trying at their end.Using the metal bending machines, there will also be a considerable reduction in the rate of employees’ injuries (which was very common if we do the metal bending by hands) since most of the work will be handled by the machines. Since every calculation like Bending Allowance Calculation, K factor calculation is done by machine itself so there is no chance of errors. For getting the accurate output, you need to enter the accurate data into the metal bending machine.The machine has the capability of providing the perfect cut or bend.


Bending Machine


  1. Automated: The machine is fully automated with high level of automation hence it does not require very high skill to operate it and can be used by anyone who has taken the training. Fully automated means all the major things involved in bending metal is done by machine itself and does not require any help from the person who is using it – the person using the machine just have to give input to the metal bending machine. Now adays, production systems allow for fast, automatic, and highly efficient production, where setup times for tool change are constantly reduced or in case of laser cutting machines it is eliminated.


  1. Low maintenance: Once you purchase a metal bending machine for you company or for your personal use it will not need any maintenance for the upcoming few years and even after that the maintenance cost is very low.Metal bending machines have a lot of advantages for the businesses which deal with bent metal products. However, to increase productivity and to reduce the overhead costs, companies must make sure that they are purchasing the right bending machines that would solve their purpose.


  1. Cost effective: If you are buying a machine to bend metal for your company then it is going to be economical as many companies which require bent metal for their product so they start outsourcing them from outside firm so, buying own metal bending machine will be much more economical for them. It will be like a one-time investment. Companies just need to train their employee with the metal bending machinery, then the metal could be prepared as per the requirement of the customer.Providing training to the employees will not be a costly work as they require the training session for only 1 to 2 days. However to increase the productivity and to reduce the cost, company should make sure that they purchase the right bending machine as per their requirements as metal bending is done through variety of machines that comes in different shapes and size.


Cost Effective Bending Machine


  1. Metal Bending comes up with different methods: One of the benefits of metal bending machine is that it comes up with different metal bending methods like
  • V-Bending: It is one of the most common bending method using a punch and die.
  • Bottoming (also known as bottom pressing or bottom striking): In bottoming the punch presses the metal sheet onto the surface of the die.
  • Air Bending: Air Bending is also known as Partial bending in which the working piece does not actually touch the tooling parts entirely.
  • Coining: It is only way to get the accurate results. These methods are not widely used any more.
  • U-bending: This method is very much similar to V-bending, with a die and punch but with a U-shaped.
  • Step bending: It is also called as bump bending, this method uses many V-bends in succession to get a large radius for your workpiece.
  • Roll bending: It is used for making tubes or cones in different shapes.
  • Wipe bending: Wipe bending, or edge bending, is another way to bend sheet metal edges.
  • Rotary bending: Another way to bend edges is through rotary bending.




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