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CNC 3D Bending Services & Safety Systems.

CNC 3D Bending Services & Safety Systems.

Computer numerically controlled (CNC) bending is an exclusive production process that uses a robotic wing to push wire or tube across a series of servo-driven rollers to bend over and form objects into specific configurations. With CNC (computerized numerical control) presses are versatile, precise, and can be automated using CAD for greater efficiency and shorter producing times. The CNC bending process involves the implementation of expert computer programs so as to control the operation of the presses, which helps in increased accuracy in the finalized product. The CNC metal bending process involves adjusting the press brake to take the sheet metal element at a specified distance as defined by the point where the development of the bend will occur. The press brake effectively secures the workpiece between a matching punch and die. The sides of the press brake comprise of two C-frames connected to a portable beam at the top and a table at the end. The top tool is installed on the upper beam, whereas the bottom is attached to the table. CNC bending is one of the efficient methods of creating 3D parts from metal sheets. Bent sheet metal components are frequently made using an inflatable or hydraulic press brake, where a metal sheet is hard-pressed between a punch and die to bend it to the required angle or shape.

In AccuGroup we specialize mainly in two forms of CNC bending:

CNC wire bending: CNC wire bending uses advanced machines with servomechanical technology to bend sections of wire into particularly accurate shapes, based on a given design by the customers. This manufacturing technology can be used to create custom 2D and 3D shapes in wire usually with diameters ranging from .062 to .156 inches. CNC wire bending has different capabilities such as they are compatible with a range of materials, like titanium, stainless steel, and many other metals.

CNC tube bending: CNC tube bending uses the same effective bending machinery to convert metal tubes into their specific shapes as initially requested by customers. The same technology offers custom 2D and 3D bending for tubes from .062 to .187 inches— which allows many features and structures to be constructed into these specialized elements.

Other abilities of our CNC 3D metal bending services include electrical and electronic goods such as enclosures, electrical cabinets, and control boxes, as well as exactitude panels for computer frames. Some more applications include appliance panels and goods, refrigeration equipment.

CNC machine tools are highly complex technological systems. Their structure is very complex which involves accurately coordinated motions on different axes. Managing CNC machine tools is a complex process, which can simply be affected by errors. These days, safety systems are created to make this procedure safer and more user-friendly. Nowadays, CNC machine controllers are created to deal with noticeable sources of exposure, such as overloads and collisions. However, regardless of these safety systems, various unwanted incidents still occur during machining processes on CNC machine tools which means there are still some hazards that can brutally affect the operation of CNC machine tools. We have one approach in place AHP (analytic hierarchy process) approach. The results of the AHP put emphasis on which hazard has the major influence upon the CNC machine tools operation and therefore that should be avoided. The output of this work can be used by the machinery tools designers to create new safety features for the remaining CNC machine controllers. Also, the user using the machine tools may possibly focus on some of the safety measures during the bending process upon the most important hazards indicated by the results of the AHP research.

Safety is the main concern in every industry. Protection over the years has changed from the simple machine guard to two-handed operator control positions, safety enclosure doors, and E-stops to highly vulnerable motion detection, optical readers, and infrared cameras. The role of the CNC has also developed in the incorporation of all safety elements on these various machine types. All the areas on a machine can now be examined for collision avoidance, along with the secondary operations and even the loading stations on a production system can be checked by the same machine control that runs the cutting, bending, or forming process. The main area among these developments area has been the “soft safety” concept, where both electronic and mechanical utilities are incorporated in the control which requires a verified “fix” of a problem before the restart of the machine is made.

At AccuGroup, our bending machines can produce complex bends in wire materials, bringing excellent accuracy. We have a computerized bending cell, which makes use of CNC control to bend medical device elements with incomparable accuracy. It makes use of technology to facilitate precisely controlled motion which allows us to create extreme bend shapes. At AccuGroup we have an automated CNC bending machine that incorporates 2- and 3- 3-dimensional precision for bending. We serve many customers in the construction industry and produce floor and ceiling systems for distribution centers, stores, homes, offices, and manufacturing facilities. We are targeting to provide CNC 3D bending services for about every industry including the aerospace, automotive industry, agriculture, production work, and many more. If you are looking for bending services and your industry relies on the manufacturing of quality metal or any metal parts, our automated metal bending process can work for you. Our team provides several services that guarantee safety at your workplace. we offer you numerous safety systems like revolving sensors, safety gates, light curtains, and many more. To monitor 3D regions, we offer you a camera system that helps you to record data about the whole supervised region.

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