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Guide on CNC Metal Cutting Machine

Guide on CNC Metal Cutting Machine

CNC machining is a process in which pre-coded computer software prescribes the movement of factory tools and machinery. This process can be used to control a collection of complex machinery, from crushers and lathes to mills and routers. With the help of CNC machining, three-dimensional cutting tasks can be achieved in a single set of triggers. CNC metal cutting machines can be used for cutting metal sheets, metal profiles, metal pipes, and metal tubes. It is the best metal cutting solution for metals. Metal laser cutters are offered for 2D/3D CNC metal cutting projects which include hot rolled steel, cold-rolled steel, alloy, copper, iron, silver, stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, brass, bronze,  gold, aluminum, titanium.

CNC Metal Cutting

Nowadays CNC machining is commonly used in manufacturing and industrial applications. Some of the applications of CNC machining are as follows:

Marine Industry: The marine industry is always thankful because of the many components created with CNC machining that the industry uses. For many components on watercraft that require unusual materials, machining is a way to build those parts with not much effort. Unlike many other sectors, the marine industry requires many things it uses to have water resistance because most parts will direct exposure either with water or to the humid atmosphere around rivers, oceans, and oceans. Because most things such as electronics do not work well in the presence of moisture so electrical devices always need special attention. The marine industry also needs complete transportability of everything that on board ships because of the nature of the sector. Components used in some devices need to last and resist in such an atmosphere because repairs are not possible until they reach land again. For the marine industry, CNC machining works to create many parts on boats.CNC benefits the marine industry because of its ability to make custom parts. Whether personal boats or large shipping vessels, parts involved may need changing to create a ship that fits the user’s needs. With CNC machining’s flexibility, manufacturers can create both small and large pieces, as per the available machinery.

Medical Industry: The medical industry depends on different customized products to fit the needs of its patients. Though, many devices that are used in the medical sector are disposable so as to protect patients from infectious diseases. Industries in this sector require accuracy and volume to fulfill the needs. Sometimes, the companies require samples before requesting full production, especially in case they are testing out new ideas. The many types of CNC machines adjust well to the needs of the medical industry. The benefits of CNC machining in the medical sector include the quick creation of personalized parts. While creating designs as per the customer’s need, the computer allows manufacturers to see the piece in 3D before machining it. This process confirms every part has the accurate dimensions required.

Transportation Industry: As CNC machining is important for the air and space industry, it also plays important role in the transportation industry. Transport vehicle designers need a way to physically test samples to get the data needed on how to change the model. Creating the parts with CNC machining and testing it side by side makes it faster to create the sample required to the exact requirements. The transportation industry needs CNC machines to construct parts that are used on its various vehicles, such as passenger rail, passenger vehicle, 18-wheel transport trucks, shipping trains, and many others. While using it in high-speed trains, the high speeds put extra pressure on the vehicles, requiring even better accuracy in the fitment of the parts used on other train cars and engines. Because CNC machines can create parts from several parts of machines, the whole thing from the brakes to the engine parts and even the tools can also be produced by these machines. To achieve the rapid changes needed for a series of tests, manufactures can use CNC machined designs to speed up the research and development process and for creating the necessary vehicle parts more quickly.

Aerospace Industry: Extreme pressure, high speeds, and fast air currents are three of the main conditions required in the aerospace industry. To avoid damage, engineers must accurately construct every component. Even a small mistake could catch on an air current which in turn increase wear on the parts.CNC machining for the aerospace industry must meet high accuracy requirements. The materials used will always depend on the parts created and the properties required from that component. With the help of CNC machining, the aerospace industry gets the customized components it needs with the tight tolerances needed. Without having the ability to design and create multiple parts, the aerospace industry may not have touched its technological level today. CNC machining is an ideal method for manufacturing sample parts. With the help of 3D images in the computer, manufacturers can quickly change the design if required. The evolution from individual to mass production of pieces for the aerospace industry becomes easy with the use of CNC machines.

Oil and Gas Industry: For producing large machines applied in refineries and on drilling rigs, the petrochemical sector needs parts that fit accurately. Without a great fit, a piston might not create pressure, a valve could leak, or a cylinder may not fill. To achieve efficiency in productivity, petrochemical companies require CNC machining. Parts used in the oil and gas industry that CNC machining can create include parts for refineries, pipelines, and rigs. CNC machines provide benefits in the oil and gas sector which mainly include the capability to create specialty products. Apart from this, CNC operations can create large or small parts for the industry as well as the components required for the electronic gear this sector increasingly uses.

Military Industry: The military follows strict regulations set by the government. Like the medical industry, must have their production rules established by the FDA, military products need to follow government regulations. Due to the type of security, the products used for creating military equipment require secrecy. Though, this sector can earn benefits by using CNC machinings such as long-lasting parts, quick upgrades, creation of parts from strong materials, and mass output of approved parts. The military is amongst the sectors with CNC machinery that may require frequent upgrades of the devices, allowing this sector to stay up with the demand to have the latest technology to supply the best protection.


CNC machining always is a useful means of production for a range of industries because of the nature of the things CNC machining can do be it cutting metals using CNC metal cutting or creating customizable products as per the requirements of the customers. AccuGroup also has multiple CNC machines that meet the need of the customers from Australia.

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