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A Perfect Guide On Types Of CNC Machine

CNC Machine

A Perfect Guide On Types Of CNC Machine

The term CNC refers to ‘Computer Numerical Control’, used in manufacturing and industrial applications. It is a manufacturing process which typically utilizes computerized controls and machine tools to remove layers of material and produces a custom-designed part. This process is suitable for a different range of materials, like plastic, wood, foam metals, glass, and composites. The application of a CNC machine is a variety of industries like large CNC machining and many more. In other words, the CNC machine represents the actual programmable machine that is capable of independently doing the functions of CNC machining. With CNC machining, complex tasks like cutting three-dimensional can be achieved in a single go. For CNC machines no high skilled operator is required only a short training can help. It can create complex designs with better precision and high accuracy. CNC machine has an online editing program so any changes required in cutting or dimensions can be easily modified. It is reliable and can run for 24 hours a day with no maintenance. It has the ability to diagnose its own fault as it has special software that is used for troubleshooting id CNC machine fails to operate.
CNC machine designs will vary significantly. In some of the styles, tools remain stationary and the part will move or rotate whereas in others the part is stationary and tool move. There are different types of CNC machines, each of them has its own functions.

CNC Machine

CNC Milling Machine: The milling machine is a process of eliminating metal by supplying the workpiece passes all the way through a multipoint cutter so, the same work is performed in the CNC milling machine by inserting the part of the program into the system. After the initial setup is completed any having some knowledge can easily operate this. These machines are used for mass production like turret and capstan. The components produced by the CNC machine are always accurate. Most milling CNC machines are offered in three- to six-axis configurations. The CNC milling machine can be designed to vary in angle, direction, and depth of cut. A 3-axis machine operates in all the direction like X and Y horizontal axes and Z vertical axis. A 4-axis machine comprises a rotary dimension to its linear potential, which allows it to cut along an arc.

CNC Lathe Machine: This machine can also be operated by a semi-skilled worker. Lathe machine also referred to as turning and is used for round parts. In the lathe machine, instead of the part being static and the tool rolling, the part is put into a “chuck” and spun. After that, a cutting tool is used to carve out the needed shape. Some common choices on lathes are automatic bar feeder (which is used to feed substance across the bar to the chunk), tails stocks (which is used to support the rolling part in the front and back). CNC lathe machines are a great choice for producing symmetrical objects that have spherical, or cylindrical shapes. CNC lathes machines are extensively used as they can produce elements at a much higher rate and at a lower cost per unit than CNC milling machines because of which this is especially relevant for larger volumes. One of the restrictions of CNC lathe machines is that they can only manufacture parts with a cylindrical/spherical shape.

5- axis machine: 5- axis machine uses 5 axes for cutting. This machine is usually used by making sculptures. At First, it uses 3 axes (X, Y, and Z) for cutting operation of any material, done in the 3 direction but then it added 2 additional axes (A, B) so there are a total of 5 axes, works are cut are done in the 5 direction. 5-axis machining is mostly used in the automotive, aerospace, mold and die, oil and gas industry medical, general part. These parts tend to be extraordinarily shaped, have complex curves and surfaces, or have surfaces, locations, and situations with specific angles. They include ship turbines or aircraft, impellers, and parts like steering knuckles which entail operations on all 5 faces and extra specific angles.

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CNC Plasma-Cutting Machine: Like milling CNC machines, plasma-cutting CNC machines are also applied for material cutting. However, the difference is only the way they cut, like plasma cutting machine cuts through electrically conductive materials using an enhanced jet of hot plasma and CNC Plasma milling machine used computer numerically controlled system for cutting. They are preferably suited for cutting two-dimensional shapes. Plasma-cutting CNC machines contain a high-powered torch that can cut across rough materials like metal. CNC plasma cutting machine is portable as less costly than the CNC milling machine. There are some small CNC plasma machines for metal specifically.

CNC Laser-Cutting Machine: This machine is used for cutting sheets and is carried by laser and the operation is fed into machine executes automatically. Even if the design is complex it can create the one for us, we just must feed the program that executes it. It provides a nice surface finish. The machine is costly. One of the problems with this machine is that in case any parts get damaged it takes time to fix it because of the unavailability of parts in the market. Like plasma-cutting CNC machines, laser-cutting CNC machines are also designed to cut across tough materials, though they use a laser to accomplish this task instead of a plasma torch. Lasers usually offer a higher level of cutting accuracy, but they are not as strong as plasma torches. CNC Laser-cutting machines usually use neodymium (Nd), CO2, or yttrium-aluminum-garnet (Nd: YAG) lasers.

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