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Check Out The 5 Latest Laser Cutting Applications

Check Out The 5 Latest Laser Cutting Applications

Laser cutting is now one of the most widely used manufacturing processes in Melbourne as well as other part of the world. Laser cutting Melbourne is now more effective and easier than ever before. They have compact design with high degree of flexibility. Materials that are difficult or impossible to cut using other methods can be easily cutter by laser cutting. Laser cutting is a process that has become a vital in many industries over the past few years. Implementing new technologies in laser cutting have allowed laser cutting to be used for a variety of different materials such as to cut a precise line through a thin plate of steel, engrave, or mark many different materials with varying degrees of thickness.

5 Latest Laser Cutting Applications

  1. Laser marking and laser engraving: Two of the most common applications that lasers can also perform are laser marking and laser engraving. Engraving or marking can be added to an object to complete a product, increase its artistic value or to have a more practical function, such as adding a barcode. There are multiple number of items that have been laser marked or laser engraved.
  • Laser marking is a process that uses a beam of concentrated light to create a lasting mark on a surface. Performed with a fibre, pulsed, continuous wave, green, or UV laser machine, laser marking encompasses a wide variety of applications.
  • Laser Engraving is a method that uses a laser beam to change the surface of an object. This process is mostly used to create images/designs on the material.

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These processes are common in the jewellery industry, used to mark or engrave all varieties of jewellery. Lasers cut with such amazing accuracy that designs can be made with less waste and less production time is hard to find when doing manually. In addition, the laser’s engraving capabilities can mark the parts as part of the manufacturing process. Creating a ring or bracelet of an exact width, depth, and diameter is easily done by the laser as compare to other things. The laser can also be used to engrave designs and inscriptions onto the interior or exterior surface of the piece.

  1. Automotive Industry: Because of the laser cutting’s feature like accurately create design/ engrave materials quickly, conventional manufacturing tools, greater flexibility, superior quality, increased productivity, and improved profitability it has found home in the automotive industry as well. This industry always needs replicas of a part of different shapes and sizes. Laser cutting is used to cut plastics and metals to form body pieces of the vehicle, electronic components, as well as interior covers and buttons. Additionally, laser cutters can be used to engrave buttons on the interior of the vehicle to have the light come through or even to record the serial number and part number onto manufactured pieces. The dies that are used for cutting different pieces can also be laser cut. Laser cutting contributes itself to be able to cut hydro-formed parts which are usually strong tubes that are used to lend support within the structure of the vehicles. Commonly, these pieces are used to create the engine frame.
  2. Medical Device Manufacturing: Due to the criticalness of the medical industry, it’s incredibly important that any products, tools, and equipment are designed with the highest quality of care, safety and precision to deliver clean cuts, smooth surfaces, all qualities that are found in many medical devices. Laser surgery is also the most significant benefits of laser cutting in the medical industry. Using lasers Surgeons can make more precise cuts, and patients heal from surgery much faster. Fibre lasers are also having a revolutionary effect on the dental industry by helping to laser mark and manufacture multiple precision tools. Laser cuts are a perfect choice which can cut and micro-weld with complete consistency and offers a compact and reliable alternative to more conventional methods. Fibre lasers have made a huge impact on the dental industry also, allowing for improved efficiency, lower costs, and better patient care. A major application used in the medical industry is fibre laser welding.
  3. Ceramic and Silicon Manufacturing: Ceramics have several properties that allow them to be used for a wide range of applications for engineers whereas Silicon is another material with a wide range of applications that can benefit from laser cutting. Low electrical and thermal conductivity makes ceramic excellent insulators, they do not react with other chemicals, they have high melting points, and they are extremely durable. Lasers are frequently used to cut ceramics because they reduce managing time without compromising edge quality. Loudspeakers, Airplane jet engines, powerplant generator, electric motors, headphones, electric cooktops, and even incandescent lamps all have ceramic parts. Silicon is also tolerant of high temperatures, age-resistant, and is easily manipulated. Typical applications for silicon are found in many electronics devices, computers, household products, automobiles, textiles, and architecture.
  4. Aerospace design: From the last many years apart from other areas, laser-cutting technology was also used to cut titanium, aluminium, and stainless steel for the purpose of aerospace engineering, where accuracy is supreme. Aerospace industry has some unique challenges, including the creation of vehicles which will endure immense forces and extreme temperature fluctuations when travelling in the air and through space. Naturally, because this industry has risks, which is why it is so important that all parts and components produced are of high quality and are meticulously tested. Fibre lasers enable working with a large selection of materials including carbon compounds, metals, plastics, etc. Many of these will be specifically tailored to the needs of the Aerospace industry, which demand performance in unfavourable atmospheres.


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