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Some Amazing Applications For Laser Engraving

electronic laser engraving

Some Amazing Applications For Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a method that makes use of a laser to change the surface of an object. It removes a portion of the material to leave the engraved design. Engraving is not a new concept, but it has been used from the past many years and has changed dramatically in recent years. The depth of the engraving will depend on the type of material being used. It can be used on a range of materials like plastic, ceramics, and all forms of metal. This method is used to create images or designs on the material that can be easily visible by naked eyes. For this, the laser generates high heat that vaporizes the material, thus exposing cavities that will form the final image. Laser engraving is also a very environmentally friendly approach that is commonly used in Melbourne. Fibre laser engraving machine produces very less waste (as it is vaporized). There are many benefits of laser engraving methods, which have been used for centuries. Quality is very important when engraving, a fibre laser gives shallow to deep engravings with the help of one laser machine. The laser engraving process is contactless, which is safer for the operator. For engraving, every production house depends on lasers as they offer to their users which results in being them used for different applications not only in Melbourne but across the different industries of the world. Some of the applications of laser engraving machine are shown below:

Engraving in Electronics Industry: Nowadays, the consumer electronics market, is now one of the most widely used markets around the world. It seems like there is some kind of new technology developing every day, and electronics influence almost every other industry. Everyone has their eye on the new innovations in electronics like electric cars in the automotive sector, machines in the medical sector, machines in the medical sector. Laser engraving is one the important process that working hand in hand with the continues development of the electronic industry.

electronic laser engraving

Engraving in Aerospace industry: The aerospace industry is one of those industries in the world which is the largest and crucial. Aircraft are being used for different purposes being it a commercial or personal so regardless of what purpose the aircraft is being used for, they must tolerate great pressure and stress at high highnesses, and there should be no room for error in the manufacturing process because of which lasers and fibres are the most important part of the manufacturing process. They are used in different ways during this process, and one of the ways is by laser engraving.

Engraving in Jewellery Industry: Engraving is also becoming more common in the jewellery industry, where it is deployed for artistic rather than purely functional reasons like jewellery engraving. Custom jewellery is in demand these days, with customers wants designers to make them unique pieces that are customized exactly to their expectations. Earlier, this would have been a costly and difficult process, but now with the help of laser technology, it is much easier to create new pieces.


jewellery laser engraving

Engraving in Medical Industry: Since every one of us knows that there is a huge group of industries operating behind the healthcare industry for taking the medical industry to the next level. The production of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment are some examples of these industries. In the medical industry while producing anything one thing should always be in our mind which is safety. Since there is a strong reliance on the economical and high-quality process which should be capable of producing what we expected, so that is why they prefer laser engraving.
Engraving in Automotive Industry: Laser engraving is an efficient, reliable, and safe process that is used by industries around the world. It is especially rampant in industries that are fast regulated, with many different parts that are needed to be processed efficiently. One of the examples of which is the automotive sector. With the increase in demand of this sector has increased, so as the production for this increase to complete the need for processes that can match these demands because of which laser engraving has become a core component of this sector.

Engraving in Wood Industry: One of the most popular applications for laser engraving is Wood engraving because they can encompass so many various developments. From cabinetry to photo frames, Wooden Keychain Holder to knife handles, Epilogue Laser systems are used in almost every woodworking category. You can create intricate images with a laser machine using inlays, MDF, walnut, alder, hardwoods, veneers, plywood, or cherry. A laser engraving machine can help in creating customizable products to create something unique as per the customers need. Wood engraving help is helpful in creating a perfect personalized gift like awards, guitars, skateboards, phone cases, or any other object.

Engraving in Glass Industry: Laser engraving is widely used in the decoration of different objects and glass object is one of them. The laser’s scanning head oversees to reach the inside of the glass object, creating a three-dimensional image which in turn create the design on the glass object. Laser marking lends well to decorate objects made of glass and ceramic. Laser engraving works perfectly for customizing all kinds of glass products like a shot glass, print glass, wine glass, wine bottles, coffee mugs etc. With the help of laser engraving, we can engrave custom logos and designs on nearly any type of glass product.

Engraving A Photograph: Fibre laser technology has evolved drastically in the past few years, with its potential applications uses in manufacturing and research which includes aesthetic and artistic uses which allow new means of representation to be achieved. Laser engraving falls into this category because it can be used to recreate photographs using some materials than are usually associated with pictographic printing.

ACCU GROUP is one of the outsourcing companies in Melbourne. We do have all the types of laser engraving machines that can be used in applications mentioned above. In our experience, we have seen the involvement and uses of laser engraving machine in different applications throughout the world.

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